Mystery Meat: Night of the Living Nuggets

Cover Art for Mystery Meat: Night of the Living Nuggets

The ultimate cafeteria food fight pits the new (and only) students of Nightmute Academy against an unsavoury group of poltergeist-possessed chicken nuggets. Suni, Gale, and Shi-woo are new students at the Nightmute Academy. They also happen to be the only students. Well, the only students who aren't haunting the place, anyway. Nightmute is filled with all kinds of ghosts! Join them as they piece together and solve the mystery behind Nightmute Academy. This graphic novel includes facts about ghost hunting, science-led research, and in-depth content about ghosts and hauntings, plus an activity page and character information.

ISBN Number
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7" x 9"
Binding Type
Reinforced Library
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Burns, Jason M.
Cherry Lake Publishing
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Guided Level